Fertilizer Dealership is one of the leading National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) certified companies in the private sector producing fertilizers and chemicals. Fertilizer Frenchie was established in the year of 1995 and it has been 25 years long providing the best quality fertilizers in the market. We are one of the branches of IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative).
Fertilizer Dealership is a technology-motivated company that creates a platform for the farmers as well as the people who want to make money with this business by providing franchises of various kinds of fertilizers and chemicals at a very cost-effective price. We understand the need of the farmers and understanding that we provide the best quality product at very affordable rates.

Perceiving the increasing need of the manures we have established a digital platform for the distributors, resellers as well as franchises to grab the things in just one click. We help our customers to grow the business in a subtle and hassle-free way. We have proved ourselves as a business model to follow. Our product range comprises high-quality fertilizers, organic fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and seeds. Our area of quality products encircles plant growth managers, organic fertilizers, plant growth tonics which will show visible results by improving the fertility of the soil, generating flowering, reducing the shedding of plants, and also preventing the unripe fruits to fall.

Let’s check out the convenience for choosing us

  • We are a reputed and renowned brand to work with, and our face has a great market value.
  • The marketing and advertising support of us is very strong as compared to many other companies.
  • We provide the best quality advertising support as well which will help you to develop your business.
  • We provide franchise training by our experts who are professionals and well trained.
  • We value investments. There is a scope for high returns in investments.
  • Micronutrient fertilizers

Products We Provide:

  • Shaktimaan- Shaktimaan is a micronutrient fertilizer which is rich in Phosphorus and Potash used for the over all development of the crop and also fights with pest attacks and premature ripening.
  • Kisan Fertilizer- Kisan Urea is rich in Nitrogen and is suitable for all types of crops. It removes the Nitrogen deficiency and thus leading to growth of the crops.
  • Paras Fertilizer- Paras is the Neem Coated Urea which helps in the growth of soil health and also to enhance soil fertility
  • Plant Seeds- It includes various kinds of high quality plants seedlings. Chemical Products- It includes Nitric Acid Dilute, Ammonium Nitrate, Anhydrous Ammonia, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate.
  • Bio product or IFFCO.